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Our Mission

We opened Ken’s Westside Service & Towing over 38 years ago. When we first opened shop, we set out with the simple but all-encompassing goal of providing our neighbors with the urgent and respectful towing services they deserved. Over nearly four decades of service, we cemented our reputation as the greater Monroe County area’s premier automotive emergency service provider.

Our Full-Service Repair Center

Our full-service repair shop boasts a comprehensive array of equipment that allows us to handle everything from simple transmission fixes to complete engine overhaul projects. We work on vehicles of all shapes and sizes, repairing compact cars, 18-wheelers, and everything in between. At Ken’s Westside Service & Towing, we strive to be a “one-stop shop” for all of your auto service needs.

The Quality Care Your Vehicle Needs

Our experts aren’t just highly trained, licensed and certified to get the job done right-- they’re also good, kind people who want to instill the comfort and peace of mind you deserve when things go wrong on the road. We will always put your priorities before our own and get you back on the road as soon as possible. Call Ken’s Westside Service & Towing today to see what our team can for you!

Kens Westside May 2019 (6)

They were awesome. I called for a tow and they quoted 45 minutes for arrival and arrived after 20. Younger gentleman and he knew what he was doing. Asked me if I had someone coming to pick me up or if I needed a ride back with my car. I did have someone coming to pick me up and he waited with me until my ride arrived.

- Gail H., Google Reviews

“They are doing a great job and have a reasonable price. I didn’t expect to keep the driver waiting for a long time today and I felt very sorry about that. Overall, I would highly recommend their service!”

- Aya L., Google Reviews

Great customer service!!! Johnny was great. He came, picked me and my husband up and drove us and our car to Terre Haute!!! Thank you for your above and beyond customer service!!! It’s good to know that good, friendly professionals still exist!!!

- Amy C., Google Reviews

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